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A weekly blog on science, news, and ideas related to climate change

About the Blog

This blog updates weekly, usually (not always) on Tuesday. It offers accessible explanations of current climate science, draws attention to current and recent climate-related events, and responds to climate-related issues in culture and politics. We hope to also offer profiles, interviews, and guest-posts in order to give greater voice to other people working on climate change.

We’ll keep you posted.

6 thoughts on “About the Blog

  1. Have you ever thought that you have been sold on climate change but the outcome will be the same?
    They want less people !!
    But this is good ,not enough resources to share and if less people we are easier to control whilst leaving more wealth and power for them,if this was the plan it could mean less war more food more time more space and less suffering!,
    If you over sell a message and treat folks As if they not so sharp then people might resist,i think they have spent a lot of time and energy to train people to agree or act like herd like if we all say it together it’ll work ,then we loss our ability to think things out for ourselves ,its not needed,i think that less people use less energy needing less food and space whilst being only a few making it easier to control leaving the few to conform so we can get on and enjoy or contribute to our community making the world less polluted with need to feel less stress,
    Then we could get together for good giving the leaders less to worry eg less people less chance we would want to over throw or challenge them!
    Saddly all latey have been herded into group thought but have spent so long training us to believe we now cant agree with them and reduce the need for there leadership then we could look after ourselves creating less burden on the ellite and existing and thinking without the herd,
    So therefore if you over sell a con it takes to long giving hs more time to think .anyone who over sell a idea they look bad and they dont convince the prey but if they just said look stop over breading dont waste their resources stop anoying them and fit in then a big lie wasnt needed after .
    There is to many people
    We waste our wealth
    We waste our foid
    We waste time
    We cost to much to maintain
    So why they waste their effort looking stupid and making me distrust them if they used the honest method we most likey want what they want so no need to disbelieve then they could anything they want because we wouldnt need to be lied or trained we just what they want,good ideas or logic sells itself,if they lie then we resist and stuggle thru a lack if faith rather than doing what are told,dont lie first then dont need to waste effort and we all get on with our lives regardless,its real sad that a whole generation have to brainwashed wasting all there talent and energy on what us smart to begin with a complete waste if time any money,
    I would’ve gone along with the real plan less humans less war less disease less poverty less greed less distrust
    Do you see it we are getting treated like we stupid i want what they want and agree no need to con just do the best idea at start
    The agenda wouldve happened by now and you may have done somthing productive instead of wasting your resources ,what shame it over due it taken to long they just had to ask we being smart
    Wouldve said yes thankyou anything you want

  2. Hi me again,i like your thoughts a beleive you care,your correct about greed etc
    We all need the earth to be ok and balanced,the earth and her climate has always had climate change and been through extreme events but tge earth heals its self we hunans are not that powerful,it gets hot and cold,wet and then dry ocean goes up and down hunans came and we will go,other events and things also effect changes,eg under ocean vodlcanoe’s,volcanoes we can see along with the 11yr cycle solar flares,earthquakes,floods and droughts and all things like that.
    Dinosors were extinct withiut us and many thousands of other creatures ?cutting to many tree for growth or greed is bad,to much concrete stores solar passive heat ,as ive siad last note we have to many people ,we ate not that great to think we have the power to effect change in the universe the earth is billions yrs old and be here that much again,
    You are correct that greed waste is not good,thanks giving dinner is a great example of human crazy styles.i think it is the same hunan greed and power etc that is crazy not that we can alter or control the future the earth can wipe us out anytime with a couple volcanoes all that,we all love our planet and any sane person dosnt want to kill of our home no!
    Its the ellite and powerful who want eternal growth and wealth thru mass production its a bit out there but they want us to consume and this only happens by us breading and expanding,using our emotions of desire to have that they use by marketing things that we can have,its all a stupid cycle that is used so the world power and ellite can exploit our planet.
    They dont have to use natural planet cycles to justify taxing us or making feel guilty for using air water materials and stuff,they want the power money and all the valuables and they are the ones who want to rule and control the masses we do not have to feel guilty or bad to change our ways,its like i say they want to reduce the numbers ,they also dont have to divide us to create change or tax us even more,no need to alter the food or poison the water or make bombs to kill each ad to remain in power .religion uses guilt and fear to rule so using the earth to convince ourselfs that its our fault and must pay or change,they have to create war of the sexes or the greed to envy to divide to keep us weak or no need to brainwash and lie making sing a con together,no.
    Stop over breading stop wanting more no need to reduce the fertility rate via gm or spays etc we cant divert blame at each other it a lie to achieve what we need to do any way,giving kids poison jabs to make sterile. Hating each other all that it all a big con its they who create this scam to distract while they still rape earth collect all the wealth ruin the earth see how its the masses that are to blame so we pay more tax stay in subjection weak devided conned dumb while the cures for desease are withheld you get my drift.
    If we were smart and educated to be responsible for our own and the ellite and power or the controlling wernt all about them they wouldnt need to create big stories to make us conform or getting us con and pressure each other to believe lies to get what we need we could balance our ways with telling it as it is,reduce the amount of humans stop raping the earth for greed by not wanting others wealth by force or even secretly poisoning the food to reduce population all that con job no .be honest notice they still want wealth power and control so why scam us? We a smart enough to understand the agenda its basic instead if wasting your life and what u have to offer ,,they spent all of this energy time expense to Get us on a scam ,they could have spent all that getting us to want to be responsible with our breading and management of our planet ,
    Notice that they still want it all but encourage us to consume and buy while working to rape the earth as a collective,
    The result will be the same its not our existence that heating and changing the earth what a waste and insult,
    After us peasants are all sterile we will start to die out and they will have the planet for themselves i just wish they were straight up about whats going in and not conning a generation to blame ourselves, getting good people like you to do their bidding what a waste and using intelegent folk on crap,they just need to be honnest we will agree and we will survive just they super ellite and the hangers on who think they deservre power and control who see themselves over the rest ,sorry but im concerned that if you believe this scam then you are going believe anything they will use you as part of the plan,humans are going to get it but if we fall for this method then we wont see or stop the real nasty stuff that already has begun,we still doomed we are all going to get it , they just dont have to use masses and lie all at once its all about power greed and them wanting preserve the resources for them
    Sorry but all these nice smart young people who have the future ahead to be enjoyed are getting scamed and played, basic really sad as well because all believe they are part of and doing the right thing are trained and blind wasting there life to convince each its our fault …..Its going happen its the plan and cant be stopped its started it will work but crazy .believe or be punished or they could just be honest we would deal withit good luck thanks for caring and doing what u can cheers

    • Hello, Paul,
      Interesting points, but please consider three things:
      First, you are correct that climate changes without human interference, but it does not change THIS FAST. Speed is key, here. Second, although you are correct that mitigating climate change will ultimately require a reduction in human population and a reduction in per capita resource use, that WILL NOT make humans easier to control. It will actually make us “peasants,” as you put it, HARDER to control. The thing is that the bigger a group of people is, the harder it is for that group to organize itself intelligently. Right now, we are in a situation where a few hundred EXTREMELY rich people can more or less control billions by manipulating the international economy. There are few of them, so they can intelligently discuss what they want to do among themselves. There are so many of us, and we are so divided by politics and culture and religion and nationality, that we can’t work together to fight back. This is very scary. But if there were fewer of us, and if economies were local or regional instead of national and international–both of which would necessarily happen without fossil fuels, intelligent revolution by the people would be much easier to accomplish. Third, what “THEY” want is money and power. If the “peasants,” as you put it, were all killed off somehow, who would the rich elite have power over? Who would do their work and create wealth for them? That’s why it isn’t the rich elite calling for an end to fossil fuels. For the most part, they want things to continue exactly as they are. They don’t want blogs like mine to exist! They don’t want people to know about climate change!

      • Hi,
        Thanks for reply and your mildness,i can agree or like to try or test new and old believes,
        Yes are we devided,we come from a wide range of cults or indoctrines and some educated or are humam bricks we care or even desire to be free but responsible as guest where we live. The weathy,are few is what it will always end as its just human regards to how they and we would control or counter balancee each other the past can reflect possible future ,think hunger games a big brother or ellite can just swoop in with better tech etc keeping advantage or defend position
        Without giving to much away or detail i have a relitive that was involed in these issues that took part in plans or decisins that still effect us today.while he in context to the times some things were good and some agenda type or to be expected due to times back then,im the one thats broken ranks and gone against trend and its not easy to even think or live independently and resist govt but even harder peer presure of keeping the herd from using all methods even and i dont exargerate threats or real attempts on live interference overtly or covert, then this forefather took both paths and keeps half happy and or made his efforts despised or loved and of course misunderstood or gave the inverse population fodder For expample the king and he had words and he was lucky too at least out live him but he was dealing with both old and new times of human devolopment as ww2 had just finished and nukes and tech and people were changing all at once,peace had been won as well as the powerful had us still whetre we could be controlled.there was things to do and we still are effected by these leaders,with hindsight good to be on the winning side of history but eg the five eyes treaty is now bad or living post these time we have all benifited with treaties like anzus with trimmings that go with like peace for us thru tech and power and evolution of health and indusrtrial advantage,
        Our culture then has had the heatlth time and comfort education to expect progress but at times i think weak and spoilt is what we have ended up with as the olds back then new hards times and choice wasnt an option or chosing a righteous path can now be taken,thru uni around the world ,media and distractions the establishment has had time to guide or manipulate our thoughts and behaviour with the benifit of time and living long enough with in peace i think This devided and even puverted hunans leaving a social platter giving all a choice and over time i have changed my ideals fully in both extremes but thats using the freedom also having the time,my father went to nam war and this changed lots if stuff that effects us still which i still get upset at what the community or the education system did or how they use mass thought or how they used teachers to inftuence the mass or herd and can see how oveer time seeds are planted and ideaology can come to use many years later,
        This was good for a little and some outcones stil have a bad negitive effect on me making me distrust i ,Hate these pepole to this day,an example is vietnam protesters being used to jinfluenece population to pressure govt to change policies and although the war was evil even may have wrong, things have been terible with long lasting health or social effects but the students thinking they were right to try and change history some still think it was good and dont care about the damage or unseen hurt done to the families or the soldiers lives or the wives/mums infact this very sutuation couldve motivated me to go the other side and punish them as they have to my peers ,some ended up as leaders eg helen clarke nz pm,and her girls ruled nz with a perverted strain still in our lives today so that when her generation were at thier peak they punished the kids for what the fathers had done before we were born,eg doctors not even treating me as punishment feeling justified and thinking they are great and justified by some sick and nasty vengence,having to walk out of a doctors clinic being refused help when really needed by a manager who was student back then (protester)im sure she probably thinks she awsome having waited 30 yrs .this back to 1969 uni influence by her teachers and the agenda back then thru uni .
        This is just example of how a generation can be used by people with agenda to create change which what i see today with the climate debate.the same method the same passion and will effect for along time from now,this climate issue is not as fast as folks believe ,compare tactics from then when these policies started the media turns up the heat and had and will lie to get what they after use poor students education by teaching them what to believe and providing them the imformation or evid ence to support the indoctrines desired by the elite to get enough community ground force to make it look like its us that want these changes and then the students and young feel great thinking they have influence and helped make change,the very same tactic used to get social change and save the world and they did it,they have to agree or fail degree or wont fit in with peers seeing it on media with scientist promoting agenda by usuing facts that are selected for purpose manipulating info and the poor students paying for education setting them on path thats actualy soneone elses plaything moulding them to suit,question is how are they going devolop their own path or solve the problens of today if they are pushing the agenda of the past by the same people who were maniulated by the system that led to led too students abusing returned war vets(the very sane people)its fraud charging student for a degree while getting to them conform to others mission(the ruling class)its both sad and funny but this is not new same method same outcome same agenda same regretful outcome ,can see this is old stuff fed to new generation its not science it repeating old stuff just twisted and there more presure to get the herd to do the bidding of others,i know you wont agree and although ive held back it will upest you and all the kids from very young to the advanced age student have see been fed what to think they have not had a choice its whats they have benn taught simple stuff its just taken two generations to complete the con!
        This whole untruth is more scam than progress solveing pollution over populcation beating evil things like war and suffering needs real science real social inovation which wont come from the source of the problem just convincing the people to do it to ourselves then its not coming from the ruling or powerful who exploit the earth retard human devolopment and keep us devided to remain powerful thats all its not that clever its real easy just brainwash the teacher they brainwash the kids the kids dont know anything else then a when close 50% population you have change if that needs a Push use the media to flood info on scale then you have a tide of believe so on etc
        Sorry if not what desired but after seeing this happen before i fear it alredy in play unstopable its the real outcome i fear because as a group we asked for then this all goes down we will have live with it and wont be turned or fixed once the rich or ruling elite suceed at this they wont let it go this had taken longer than ive been alive critical mass,its not climate science it is possible litical science eg the science of climate science change.truth wit hin a lie ,very clever its just not realy needed its want they want
        Im not a anti rich or govt or even shocked its just sad that the general mass have fallen sosimplely, been conned so easily by dumb old methods just a plan and lies for long enough by the people who cause the suffering and nothing chances just the faces

        Ps agent orange used in nam killed my dad early,kids are sick or stil effected by social enviroment ,dioxine still poisons the earth and people and thier dna,the very same scientist as gm or food sprays that change dna ,they lied at that and learned how to kill off the peasants,(the non ruling)
        Im for managing the earth and want to keep it we need it,i dont think killing to reduce numbers or making us sterile by food its the elite who must change and thinking they dont have the rights to do what they do.
        I wish the sciencetist and the masses could solve the over polulation and fix the cancers and solve real things not just do what masters want i hate being treated like im stupid why do people fall for this low level scam its so sad that good humans get used and waste their life on manipulation and really sad it destroys unity leaving us all weaker for it
        (The plan)

  3. Hi again.
    To add further, i had a further paragraph but it got left of;
    I had teacher proud lesbian who thought nazi’s were great,she spent a year assaulting me mentally and physically probably felt justified because my dad was a vietnam vet and her being a protester as a student so punishing me was ok ,this went through till when i left nz2006,I got dads doctor to keep a post mortam blood to prove that agent orange was to blame and to hold govt and mosanto told account for dioxine that still poisons people and the earth today,govt didn’t like me using this to fix and get a change of policy and expising the truth,threats and actual attempt on live and influence on my world thru method of intimidation didnt stop me and even sciencetist stilt maintained lying about dioxine and its on going danger to people and environmental damage was on going,not what the powers wanted as this was when gm foods were being used to “save”the world,and i wanted truth out and to stop the tirany and lies re dna andgeneral health problems.i got thier the govt (helen clarke)eventually gave in and made a public then i had devoted to much time and effort but returned vets and decendants no get the truth and health help but not without a fight but the facts are facts i was right and we won.this is how i learned how much they will do to stop truth and keep secrets about reducing population thru monsanto and other firms will goto thier is no limit or law they will brake to achieve thier goal,since these scientists funded by gates,buffet on other elite ruling class with the agenda are still working towards the goal.this is anti human and not the moral way or legal way to fix the over population issues,other more real politicaly coorect method or solutions are needed,the sciencetist acused the victim of lying about health and provided evidence to disprove our concerns then mansanto and government could keep the truth hiden based on decades of science and evidence so say we were wrong and dioxine was not to blame!!ha ha guess what i and others kept up war effort and gave in on tv siad sorry apology and admit they had lied and hidden real scientific facts to hide all this and in context to what the agenda is re reducing population etc i am vindicated but hard to be conned by these methods of control.if they had just been upfront early i and others wouldn’t be aware of effects re dna damage resulting in birth defects or that 40% of vietnan vet sons are sterile.since 1972 farm sprays have been used to control weeds but by modifying plants to resist these sprays is just come out that that gm plants and spray strip the good minerals out of plants leaving almost leaving empty food so to speak,
    This investment into science to”help humanity” and feed the poor is quite amazingly blatant lies and i cant believe the masses haven’t stopped them but as wr know they think that we are a curse to thier planet and all this lying poisoning and plannig to kill off by stealth is justified back up by our leaders and scientists continuing the scam to very end,these education institutions are still run and controlled by the same peoloe and the same agenda is passed on to the current students in combination with method of miseducation we now have a very convinced mass of advocates seeking climate change action and beleving its for the
    people to save the world,can you see that even that im not educated i have learned things that uni and school wont and dont teach us.
    Sorry but this a old scam is older than me and therefore unless the student is older than fifty they wont have any reason to doubt or discover the truth,
    The same teacher thats promote climate issues are the product the same uni’s who convinced the kid of yester year to turn against the vets to get change and then lie to a whole generation about health and help hide the plan to reduce hunams numbers when there were a lot less of us making supply of resources more stressed noecthe problem needs even bigger and more blatant lies having to get good people to waste thier life and uni fees and use media to con us even harder WHATS shame and real loss of potenial i find thi very sad that inteligent being are using these resources to con and scam ratyer than educating the masses about population control using natural means and using planning to regulate our breading to a sustainable rate leaving us to live a good happy the greedy sell us stuff to get wealth and power and now we must get punished and pay tax or good couples who cant have children due infertilty ,but if they used fifty years of training or educating the third world into sustainable living then they could help manage the supply of humans while we the privileged west could help them with tech and good practice to look after themselves but instead we look at the problem with murder or sceems retard there life
    We do need change and if you tell the population the truth we are not dumb we would help and grt in board to ask science to realy help not con the current crop into spreading the lies of the greedy elite .if this was the new norm we and i would not distrust everything they say and do.logic
    do you think or will we just swollow crap eating fake food using old energy that pollutes the earth or watch hungry folk even children die of hunger and lust for war to remain in power .can you see that its all counterproductive making the same issue even harder to repair?? AS i said before prove me wrong show a better way.i grew up envious of the educated they told us knowlage is power but seems that hidding the knowledge is how a few keep power ,its in contrast to the human rights and battle equality we have been hearing about all my life
    Its lies truth would fix the issue and then the education system could lead us to cures to sickness solve the mystery of world make progress and bully people into believing easy to fix probs by making it hard!
    Please reply these are my only ever times i have openly shared my thoughts to the world i have soent my life to fix the lies of a he past that hold me back and think its the same for recenet caring humans who are giving thier live to sell this current scam. Last thing at mo Lies lead to More lies and on it goes,thank you your thoughts wanted,looking for positive solutions to save our earth and want to live in a world without hurt

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