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Petitions to Sign

I have signed all these petitions myself. Those I have not researched personally were recommended to me by organizations I trust. When you click on the links (“sign this”), you’ll get not only the petitions themselves, but also a brief summary of the issues and you can research them further before you sign, if you wish. I update the list every week or two. I last updated it on March 5th, 2017.

Sign this to ask the NCAA not to host tournament games in states that pass anti-LGBT laws.

Sign this to ask the Senate not to pass three laws (already passed through the House) that would undo a large group of public safety regulations or prevent them from being updated or enforced.

Sign this to ask Congress to pass a bill that will prevent the president from using nuclear weapons without a declaration of war from Congress, except in response to an incoming nuclear attack. The president will still have final authority over the weapons, but will no longer be able to use them on a whim (as he can now).

Sign this to send a message to your governor (the online tool sends it to the correct governor based on your address) asking them to support a transition to 100% renewable energy.

Sign this to call for the resignation of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General for lying under oath during his confirmation hearing about his contact with Russian leaders.

Sign this to denounce House Republicans for voting against allowing even Congress to view President Trump’s tax returns.

Sign this to call for an independent investigation into the Trump Administration’s dealings with Russian officials.

Sign this to ask Governor Hogan (of Maryland) to refuse to comply with President Trump’s expanded mass deportation efforts–if you don’t live in Maryland, I suggest making the same request of your own governor (note; while coming into the US illegally is, yes illegal, this type of enforcement often does more harm than good and can become a pretext to harass legal immigrants or American people of color as well).

Sign this to ask Congress to oppose “right to work” legislation. Note that what “right to work” really means is that unless you sign a contract stating otherwise, your employer can fire you without notice and without any reason. Effectively, this means they can fire you for asking for a raise, reporting sexual harassment, being gay or trans, or anything else, and get away with it, since they don’t need to say what their reason was.

Sign this to ask Congress to protect net neutrality.

Sign this to as the EU to close a loophole allowing the sale of elephant ivory.

Sign this to protest Steve Bannon’s appointment to the National Security Council.

Sign this to ask President Trump and EPA Administrator Pruit not to slash EPA’s budget.

Sign this to support bail reform in Maryland. The current system is being used to support the mass incarceration of black people and to extort money from black families.

Sign this to call on Congress to support the free press.

Sign this to keep the ban on killing hibernating bears and dens of wolf puppies.