The Climate in Emergency

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Petitions to Sign

I have signed all these petitions myself. Those I have not researched personally were recommended to me by organizations I trust. When you click on the links (“sign this”), you’ll get not only the petitions themselves, but also a brief summary of the issues and you can research them further before you sign, if you wish. I update the list every week or two.I last updated it on December 3.

Sign here to demand global climate action.

Sign here–and edit the letter–to keep the EPA strong.

Sign here to prevent the sale of National Monument lands for energy exploitation.

Sign here to ask your Senators to block the nomination of a fossil-fuel friendly person to FERC.

Sign here to ask Amazon to shift to renewable energy to power their servers.

Sign here to help protect marine life in the Atlantic from deadly seismic blasting.

Sign here to tell President Trump WE know climate change is real.